ABA Competition Entry

Saturday June 11th and June 12th 2022


Your Team Here!

Think you’ve got what it takes to match it with the smokers and cookers in Australia. Enter you team in the Smoke in Broke competition for your place in the Hall of Flame.

Saturday June 11th and June 12th 2022

Applications for 2022 are now open!

Thank you for registering for Smoke in Broke ABA Championship BBQ Competition of 2022. We are thrilled to throw the event again, and appreciate everyone’s patience as we have quite a few extra things we must check off the list to keep the event Covid Safe and all that jazz… First, teams are composed of 4 people including the captain, and we must have each team member’s name, email, and mobile number. We will release ticket purchasing information to the teams prior to announcing to the public to ensure you can purchase any extra tickets for friends and family who wish to cheer you on as you throw down your best meat to the judges and fulfill your BBQ Competition dreams.

For any other questions regarding existing applications, please feel free to email smokeinbroke@gmail.com

Once you hit submit below, you will be forwarded to the Smokin Hot n Saucy website to complete your entry payment. Applications will not be considered until full payment is made.

Details: Smoke in Broke ABA Championship BBQ Competition

Saturday June 12th and June 13th 2021 at McNamara Park Broke NSW

Total Prize Money: $10,000

Cost of entry: $425 per team